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Assurance Merchant Solutions Credit Card Terminals listed below are specially selected for current and future industry compliance. We don't sell terminals that are going to be obsolete soon which requires another purchase later. These pre-selected Credit Card Terminals will process and support all of your business needs. AMS provides free credit card machine user reference guides for each machine.

point of sales systemsPoint of Sale Systems

(POS) Point of Sale Systems for grocery, retail, restaurant and more!

free nurit 2085 terminalNURIT 2085 (FREE)

Universal Countertop terminal leading with various processing features.

Nurit 8020 wireless terminalNURIT 8020 (Wireless)

Latest and Greatest Release from Verifone.

Nurit 8320 ethernet terminalNURIT 8400 (Ethernet)

Newest Version for High Speed Ethernet Processing.

nurit 8000 wireless terminalNURIT 8000 (Wireless)

Industry Favorite Supporting Multiple Features for Wireless.

hypercom T7 plus terminalHYPERCOM PLUS

Straight Forward Processing Terminal without stress.

hypercom T7T Thermal terminalHYPERCOM T7-T

Great for Restaurant and Lodging Applications.

cellular credit card processingCell Phone Processing

Cellular credit card processing is the newest wireless payment type.

verifone omni 3200se terminalVerifone OMNI 3200SE

Popular older Version, Still Supported and Reliable.

verifone vx510/3730 terminalVerifone VX510/3730

Sleek Verifone supporting Multiple Merchants and Applications.

verifone omni vx570 ethernet terminalVerifone VX570

Latest Verifone Softpay Terminal for Countertops.

omni 3740 3750 terminalVerifone OMNI 3750

First Generation Multi Application and Merchant Terminal. Still Reliable and Supported.

hypercom t4100 terminalHypercom T4100 (Ethernet/Dial)

Supports Various Processing Needs

hypercom T4220 terminalHypercom T4220 (Ethernet/Dial)

Reliable and long lasting Dual Comm Processing Terminal

hypercom t4100 terminalHypercom T4100 (Ethernet/Dial)

Supports Various Processing Needs

hypercom T4220 terminalWaySystems 5000 GPRS

Newest Wireless Waysystems model with free Reference Manual Guide Download

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free merchant credit card processing terminals
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credit card machine user manuals

credit card machine user manuals FREE TERMINAL PROGRAM

Our Free Terminal Program offers an exclusive opportunity for Qualifying Merchants looking to Optimize there Businesses Processing with AMS whether there a New Or Current Processing Merchant.

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Our Leasing Program is Tailor Made for any New Business needing to Accept Credit Cards with a limited budget. Current Merchants can take advantage of the opportunity to save money when expanding there business with additional locations and still have cash left over for Business Growth. AMS leasing values all business types and recognizes the need for leasing which is why our leasing company provides leasing for A,B,C and D, E Credit Rated Merchants giving all a fair change to succeed!



AVS Response Codes

Visa/MasterCard's Industry Rule Book is called PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry). As Manufactures develop advance Security programs and Newer terminals more secure for Payment Processing Visa/MasterCard later Rules that Certain terminals design and programming don't meet the new required Terminal PCI Compliance Requirements ruling that those terminals are obsolete and no longer manufactured or supported!
Soon To Be Non-Compliance